Allscott Mead Primary School

  • Main Contractor: S J Roberts
  • Project Value: £260,000
  • Location: Allscott, Telford
  • Sector: Schools

Allscott Mead is a V&D Interiors and Exteriors project working on a primary school in Allscott, Telford. The contractor, S J Roberts, have been tasked with this construction due to the large housing development in the area.

V&D have played a major role in this project, both with the internal plastering and the external rendering.

The school is a timber framed building, meaning that heating the building is cheaper and more energy efficient. We have installed a sacrificial fire rated ceiling onto the inside of the roof cassettes and trussers. Alongside this, we have installed fermacell boards to the internal sides of the external walls, this was preferred over regular plasterboard as the boards are impervious to water damage, and a single layer of board has a great acoustic insulation properties and is fire resistant.

The next step is to then install the various lay in grid ceilings throughout the building.

V&D have completed the rendering of the exterior walls, using an Alsecco product that is applied to both the block walls and the cement blocks around the majority of the building.

So far the project is running extremely smoothly, ensuring a high level of quality and attention to detail. Representatives of Fermacell have also visited the site and have been highly impressed with both the application and finish of their product by V&D. This has led to us being added onto Fermacell’s preferred installers.

Allscott Mead Primary School